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Environmentally sensitive antifoul

Visit a boatyard in March and you’ll be greeted by the sweet smell of solvents. Known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), solvents are essential to the application and curing of most antifoul paints, many of which contain up to 45% VOCs.

These solvents pose a fundamental problem – they’re major contributors to climate change. In an attempt to keep the polar ice caps intact, regulations are moving towards stringent reduction of VOC content, to the point of complete elimination.

Coppercoat already meets all these regulations and has done so since its launch in 1991. With a single biocide (an exclusively sourced copper powder made in the UK from recycled copper wire), water-based VOC-free epoxy and minimal leach rate per square centimetre per day of just 1.4 micrograms, Coppercoat is the logical, environmentally friendly and effective choice for antifouling.

Coppercoat’s low leach rate also contributes to its longevity; a single application of Coppercoat lasts up to 20 years. And when re-application is due, it is made directly to the old coating, thereby eliminating the ‘end-of-life’ contamination associated with scraping off old paint. Coppercoat has always been a great choice for minimal maintenance coupled with effective protection.



Saving time and money


Coppercoat Commercial gives large vessel and plant operators huge time and cost savings for all of their equipment subjected to the harshest environments. With up to 30 Years protection there is a reduced need for regular cleaning and equipment remaining in service longer transforming the global commercial antifoul industry.


After 10 years the Client will have saved a total of €133,500 and enjoyed an extra 50 days on the water.


With over 75,000 Coppercoat Leisure applications worldwide, private small craft owners also save time and expense of dry-docking and repainting associated with traditional anti-fouls.

International recognition

Winners of the “Most Eco-Friendly Business” award at the China International Boat Show, in recognition of our work to produce an environmentally responsible anti-foul.

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Office: 1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi street 137. Pólus Office building 3. floor 308.

+36 20 2840 802

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