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Endless possibilities

Garmin Sweden Technologies AB is a company who delivers innovative and intelligent products, solutions and services in the areas of embedded systems, power supply and power distribution.

EmpirBus is a generically designed system, suitable for different application areas - with almost endless integration possibilities.

Long experience from demanding installations in marine environments proves the durability and robustness. Vehicle installations shows the flexibility, along with efficiency in use of space and reduced installation time. Industrial applications for logic capacity and connectivity, all in a very compact unit.

Wherever there is a need for a robust, flexible, dynamic or quick electrical installation, EmpirBus is at your service.



Everything in one place


Having high-quality and reliable marine electronics keeps you on the water longer, so you can keep your mind on what’s important – catching fish. After launching your boat, all you have to do is hit the power button and your units come on and stay on until you are done for the day.

Customer focus

We listen to our customers and care about what you have to say. Our engineers and marine product support team truly take it to heart. At the end of every season, we sit down with our pros and ask them what they want to see for next year. Our software engineers work diligently to have these changes rolled out for our big software update at the beginning of each year.


With Garmin marine electronics, complex doesn’t mean complicated. Garmin units are packed with a lot of complex features, in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our simple user interface makes Garmin units easy to use and easy to learn. See an option you don’t want? Simply customize your menus to remove the features you may never use. Don’t be afraid to make the jump to Garmin out of fear of learning how to use a new unit. You’ll be glad you did.

Premium brand

It is one of the world's leading marine brands, which has proven itself in many other areas to serve all needs.

Our availability

Office: 1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi street 137. Pólus Office building 3. floor 308.

+36 20 4313 547

+36 20 2840 802

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